Deep Furrows

Deep Furrows

ISBN: 1421847434

ISBN 13: 9781421847436

Publication Date: June 15, 2007

Publisher: 1st World Library - Literary Society

Pages: 284

Format: Hardcover

Author: Hopkins Moorhouse

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To the rimming skyline, and beyond, the wheatlands of Assiniboia[1] spread endlessly in the sunshine. It was early October in the year 1901-one of those clear bright days which contribute enchantment to that season of spun gold when harvest bounties are garnered on the Canadian prairies. Everywhere was the gleam of new yellow stubble. In serried ranks the wheat stocks stretched, dwindling to mere specks, merging as they lost identity in distance. Here and there stripes of plowed land elongated, the rich black freshly turned earth in sharp contrast to the prevailing gold, while in a tremendous deep blue arch overhead an unclouded sky swept to cup the circumference of vision.

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