Twenty Something: The Quarter-Life Crisis of Jack Lancaster

Twenty Something: The Quarter-Life Crisis of Jack Lancaster

ISBN: 1585678511

ISBN 13: 9781585678518

Publication Date: November 07, 2006

Publisher: The Overlook Press

Pages: 320

Format: Paperback

Author: Iain Hollingshead

3.67 of 422

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Twenty-five is far too young to be having a mid-life crisis, but Jack Lancaster is going to make a go of it anyway, and give it his best shot.

Two complicated ladies and an awful job with an even more awful boss is only half the size of it. Dimly aware that a life taken up with Excel spreadsheets and bottom lines is no life at all, our hero sets out to sabotage his career and save his soul. Superhuman amounts of backsliding, snoozing, and emotional incontinence will be needed if somehow Jack is going to dig himself out of the hole he has found himself in.

Dumping his girlfriend and falling head over heels in love with the office beauty, Jack begins a war of nerves with his sarcastic, Latin-spouting boss. A little light criminal damage might just be what it takes to get fired with a pay package. But his ex has her own plans. And soon Jack’s life spirals further into chaos.

With a hilarious cast of friends, family and workmates, and capturing a moment in life with which every twentysomething (current and former) will identify, Twentysomething is a rare gem by a stunning new writer that will appeal to everyone that’s ever hated their job…and had their heart broken.

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