The Stars in Shroud

The Stars in Shroud

ISBN: 0812531817

ISBN 13: 9780812531817

Publication Date: August 21, 1980

Publisher: Tor Books

Pages: 274

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Author: Gregory Benford

3.15 of 85

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Capt. Ling Sanjen suffers thru a mutiny that dishonors him, an illness that nearly destroys him & a war that redeems him. A Caucasian in a post-apocalyptic world where Orientals rule, Sanjen's a social misfit. His career as a fleet captain ends when he makes the mistake of being right while everyone else is wrong & gets courtmartialed on the word of his trusted 2nd-in-command, the unscrupulously ambitious Tonji. Ignoring Sanjen's advice, the Empire gets embroiled in a one-sided war with the mysterious beings known as the Quarn, with catastrophic results. Only after surviving a long bout with despair is Sanjen able to function again. It's at this point that Tonji, now his superior, sends him to supervise the defense of a remote planet called Veden, where the real story begins. Sanjen must survive assassination attempts, civil unrest, religious fanatics, mind control and seemingly endless treachery.

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