The Center of Everything

The Center of Everything

ISBN: 0786888458

ISBN 13: 9780786888450

Publication Date: July 14, 2004

Publisher: Hachette Books

Pages: 252

Format: Paperback

Author: Laura Moriarty

3.67 of 7,530

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Set in Kerrville, Kansas, The Center of Everything is told by Evelyn Bucknow, an endearing character with a wholly refreshing way of looking at the world. Living with her single mother in a small apartment, Evelyn Bucknow is a young girl wincing her way through adolescence. With a voice that is as charming as it is recognizable, Evelyn immerses the reader in the dramas of an entire community. The people of Kerrville stuck at once in the middle of nowhere but also at the center of everything, are the source from which Moriarty draws on universal dilemmas of love and belief to render a story that grows in emotional intensity until it lifts the reader to heights achieved only by the finest of fiction.

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